Love & Grits Yoga

Love & Grits offers embodied yoga sessions for both individuals and groups. Eating disorders can greatly disrupt the connection between mind and body. Yoga can be a helpful tool for both psychological and somatic healing.

At Love & Grits, we use a trauma- informed and bottom-up healing approach to gently help clients experience and regulate visceral responses in their nervous systems. We believe that it is your birthright to feel comfortable and inhabit your body fully. We would love to help you find freedom that we know is possible!


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Yoga offered for:
Eating Disorders
Disordered Eating
Low Self- Esteem

Body Image Challenges
Difficulties with Somatic Experiencing


 Prior to booking a yoga session or joining a group yoga session, participants will complete a 15-minute phone consultation with Estee to discuss needs and establish if Love & Grits Yoga would be helpful.
Following the 15-minute consultation, clients will be asked to fill out a Yoga Intake Form and a Release form.
Love & Grits may contact other treatment team members as needed.

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75 minutes

Individual Yoga

Individual yoga sessions provide one-on-one support for alignment, movement and intensive mind-body healing work. Each session is individualized and tailored to needs.

Yoga Class
75 minutes

Weekly Group Yoga!

Weekly yoga classes offered on Sundays @ 7:30pm EST on Zoom.
ALL BODIES ARE WELCOME to breathe, flow and heal in a space created for love and support. 

All Yoga sessions and groups are facilitated by Estee Glikman RDN, CDN, RYT-200. Estee is an Eating Disorder Dietitian and is in recovery from an eating disorder. Estee's passion is to help others find recovery and freedom in all areas of their lives. For more info, visit her bio.